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Another Christmas without you  / Mommy   Read >>
Another Christmas without you  / Mommy
Dearest Daughter, Another Christmas is here and again my heart feels like its breaking into a million little pieces. Everyday is a challenge, but the Holidays always find me gasping for air. As I sit here one more year with nothing but the memories of all the Christmases past, I can only hope and pray that you are at peace and that someday we will be spending Christmases together again. Until that time, in every smile on your nephews faces, with every sound of laughter that comes from your sister and brother, I will always and forever feel your presence and love. Rikki, I miss you more than any words can describe. I Love you until the the world has no more love to give. Merry Christmas my sweet, sweet Angel! P.S. Please watch over Gramma, give her a big kiss and let her know that I miss her very much. Sleep in Heavenly peace! Mommy Close
Happy 33rd Birthday My Angel  / Mommy   Read >>
Happy 33rd Birthday My Angel  / Mommy
Dearest Rikki, On this 33rd Birthday, my wish for you is all the love and happiness that the heavens have to offer. I know wherever your soul is, it's beautiful just like you. I miss you so very much, and there is not a day that goes by that your smile and the thought of your laughter doesn't comfort me. I hope you know how much your missed and loved. That my dear daughter will last until the end of time. Happy Birthday with all the love in my heart!!! Mommy P.S. I HURT!!! Close
Merry Christmas Rikki 2015  / Mommy   Read >>
Merry Christmas Rikki 2015  / Mommy
Dearest Rikki, Another year has gone by and the heartache is still so apparent. With every milestone that happens in your brother and sisters life, the pain of not experiencing them with you is one step away from torture. It's a pain that just can't be described in words, yet only by those that have experienced its wrath. However, I keep a smile; thinking of that beautiful face and your bubbly personality, how could I not. This was a year to remember; You gained a beautiful sister-in-law that I know you would have loved. Please wrap Your Angel wings around them and keep them happy and in love. Your nephew turned three this year; he would have melted your heart in a million pieces; he does mine. Your little sister is kicking colleges butt, it won't be long and she'll have her degree; I'm so very proud of her. Please Protect that beautiful family! Rikki, it doesn't get easier, it just gets more bearable, sometimes! Always remember how much you're loved and missed, and know that You are always right here, in my heart, in my prayers and 4ever in my thoughts. Merry Christmas sweet Daughter Sleep in Heavenly Peace! Momma Close
Miss that beautiful laugh...  / Brian Suggs (Amigo)  Read >>
Miss that beautiful laugh...  / Brian Suggs (Amigo)
Sometimes things happen that cannot be explained. For some reason you entered my mind this morning. A random moment came to me and it was you, Andrea, Jaap and I having a laugh fit in spanish class because I had been a smart ass to Ms. Sanchez. I remembered your laugh and how it was so contagious. This made me smile. It also inspired me to visit your site and I couldn't believe that today is your birthday! Weird, huh?! So Happy Birthday Rikki Lewis, you are remembered and missed! Your friend always, B.Suggs Close
Merry Christmas  / Mommy   Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Mommy
Dearest Rikki, 12-25-2014 Yet another Christmas comes and goes and the wound re opens as if your leaving happened yesterday. I've come to realize that this is how it is and will continue to be until The Lord above brings me to you. I miss you more than can be explained, sometimes more than my heart can handle. I need you to know that I do believe that someday we will be reunited and I look forward to seeing that beautiful smile and hearing that voice that I try so hard to remember everyday. Until than, I'll keep on loving you, I'll keep your memory forever in my heart and I will continue missing you with every fiber of my soul. Merry Christmas Sweet Angel, Mommy Close
Happy Birthday!  / Mommy   Read >>
Happy Birthday!  / Mommy
Dearest Rikki, Never a day goes by that you're not in my thoughts and in my heart. Today, as true with every passing birthday, the heart hurts, the mind plays tricks and the soul agonizes for one last moment filled with your laughter. Sweetheart, I love you and I wish you a heavenly 31st birthday. All my love always and forever, Mom Close
A little remembrance  / Tammy Bowman (school)  Read >>
A little remembrance  / Tammy Bowman (school)
I went to school with Rikki, I wasn't a bff or anything special. But I can testify that Rikki was. She was a sweetheart and I can't remember a time she didn't have a smile on her face. She was lovely and her personality was inspiring. I'm sorry for her passing. I know the pain of losing someone feels like it doesn't go away. Memories can sneak in and surprise you at the most odd times. Family, you are in my prayers. Thank you Western Thespian troupe for posting the link for here. Close
Missing You!  / Mommy   Read >>
Missing You!  / Mommy
Rikki, Never a day goes by that the memory of you and all you were brings a smile to my face. When I'm hurting for whatever reason, the memory of you lightens the pain. All my love and gratitude for all you were and the happiness you brought to my life. Mom Close
Today / Monica Borzen (Friend)  Read >>
Today / Monica Borzen (Friend)
Thinking of you today, Rikki. Different things spark memories of you on average days, as well. I'll tell someone, "My friend Rikki used to..." They are often funny little stories, or reference to what a dedicated and loving friend you were. I know I'm one of many who miss you. Close
Another Christmas missing You! 2013  / Mommy   Read >>
Another Christmas missing You! 2013  / Mommy
Dearest Rikki, Another Christmas and the heartache of not having You here doesn't get any easier. Every Christmas is just another reminder of Your absence. I lit a candle in my new place for You shortly after midnight; I feel like a fish out of water not being in the old house. I almost feel a distance between us. Sometimes I wonder if that house kept me feeling closer to You or saddened me because of all the reminders. Probably a bit of both. Please just know throughout the years and especially during Christmas, Your favorite day of the year, You are loved and missed so very much. I hold all our memories right here in my heart forever and always. Sleep in Heavenly Peace my precious daughter. Watch over Your little nephew Easton. I know he would have loved you. Merry Christmas Rikki, Mommy Close
Always in my thoughts and prayers  / Amanda Armstrong (friend)  Read >>
Always in my thoughts and prayers  / Amanda Armstrong (friend)
Rikki- We remember you always for the amazing, beautiful, light you carried. Always in my thoughts and prayers we continue to carry that same special light for you, now and forever to always keep your legacy alive. You are dearly loved and missed and always close to our hearts! love you dear friend, always remembered, always! Close
To my Angel  / Mommy   Read >>
To my Angel  / Mommy
Dear Rikki, I don't want to have to write on here anymore. I just wish I would wake up one morning and you would be here. That smile would magically appear right around the corner. I want to hear your laughter, your voice, your visions of the future. I miss everything about you, even the way you would get mad at me. I would give my life just to hold you once more. It just doesn't get any easier Rikki...it just gets more tolerable. I miss you every hour, every minute, every second of every day. I thank God for all the love, laughter and beauty that you brought to this world and I will forever be honored that I was chosen to be your mom. Always, Mommy Close
lovely Rikki Leigh  / LUT DEVELTERE (friend)  Read >>
lovely Rikki Leigh  / LUT DEVELTERE (friend)

nooit vergeten verdriet - never forgotten sorrow

we love you Rikki, you are always in our heart and in our prayers

Merry Christmas Sweet Angel  / Mommy   Read >>
Merry Christmas Sweet Angel  / Mommy
Dearest Rikki, With all my heart and soul, I wish for you the peace and beauty of Christmas. On this special night, my heart yearns to tell you how very missed and loved you are. Sleep in Heavenly Peace my precious one! Merry Christmas! Mommy 12/25/2012 Close
Happy Birthday Angel  / Mommy   Read >>
Happy Birthday Angel  / Mommy
Dearest Rikki, 9-30-2012 Happy 29th Birthday Sweetheart. One of the many joys of my life happened just 29 years ago when You came into our lives. That is a day I will remember and treasure forever and always. Throughout Your life and after, You continue to be a gift from God that will be cherished until the end of time. Please know that You are in my heart and my mind everyday of my life. On this special day I wish for You love and peace. I have to believe in my heart that You are in a place celebrating this special day with family and friends that have joined You. Rikki, I celebrate Your life with all the love in my heart! I love You Rikki and again, Happy Birthday. Mommy Close
Aunt Rikki to Baby Easton  / Mommy   Read >>
Aunt Rikki to Baby Easton  / Mommy
Dearest Rikki, I sit here with a lump so big in my throat that I almost find it impossible to swallow. Your nephew, Easton Alexander Dixon came into our lives yesterday at 12:34. The date of Your passing was 1-23. I felt that maybe this was your way of telling us that your here and will always wrap those precious wings around this beautiful Angel that we were so blessed to receive. Your presence was felt so much when I held Your Brother in my arms just minutes after Easton was born. With out a word, we both knew and felt that You were with us. It's amazing how very strong Your presence was. As for your little sister, Rikki, I have never felt so incredibly in awe of anything or anyone in my life. Besides giving birth to my three children, Watching my little girl labor with my grandson was the most incredible sight I will ever behold. Paige absolutely took my breath away. I need to believe that You had a very big part in everything that took place yesterday. Again, Your presence was just to overwhelming. I miss You today more than the first day. I hold in my heart that You are here!!! Please continue to watch over Mike, Paige and Beautiful Baby Easton. I love You Aunt Rikki, Mommy Close
Merry Christmas Sweet Angel  / Mommy   Read >>
Merry Christmas Sweet Angel  / Mommy
It's so very hard to believe that another year has gone by without you. Rikki, it doesn't get any easier and the pain during the Holiday Season, more than ever, is still and I guess always be painful. I do know although that You're here surrounding me every second of the day. You're in my thoughts more than I am. I take you and our memories with me everywhere I go. You are a constant Angel in my hectic life. I miss you My Sweet Angel and remember, I'm right here whenever you need me! Sleep in Heavenly Peace Baby Girl! Forever and always I will love you!!! Merry Christmas 2011 Mommy Close
THINKING OF YA  / Danielle Twyford (Friend)  Read >>
THINKING OF YA  / Danielle Twyford (Friend)

I was sitting here watching Bring it on. Reminded me of when we all skipped school to see it on opening day. Miss ya girl :) Please watch over me and my twins. xoxo

Merry Christmas My Angel  / Mommy   Read >>
Merry Christmas My Angel  / Mommy

December 25 2010

Sitting here on Christmas night watching the Wizard of Oz.  I remember so well watching it with you when you were little.  It scared you so much you would sit behind me on the couch and bury your head in my back whenever the witch would come on.  The memories we shared together were  many and I am so fortunate to have been a part of your life.  As Paigey says "Christmas will never be the same without you."  However we have our memories of Christmases past that will live in our hearts forever.  Today and everyday I give thanks to God for all the laughter we shared and the memories that keep me going day after day.  Merry Christmas my daughter my friend my Angel.   All my love Mommy

watched over by an Angel  / Candy Mum Of Kelly Lynch (friend)  Read >>
watched over by an Angel  / Candy Mum Of Kelly Lynch (friend)
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